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Chicago’s WordPress Experts

We build custom WordPress themes and plugins that work how you (or your clients) need them to work.

That’s why New Nine is trusted by some of the largest agencies and companies in the world.

The great thing about WordPress is that it’s easy to use, learn, and extend. The problem with WordPress is that it’s easy to use, learn, and extend. Today, everyone with a computer and a little WordPress knowledge holds himself/herself out as a WordPress designer and developer.

Freelancers and Their Plugins

Many of today’s WordPress developers try to extend WordPress by cramming plugin after plugin into your site. This results in:

  • a slow, bloated site,
  • plugin conflicts and errors,
  • security holes, and
  • constant updates and maintenance.

When they can’t find a plugin to meet your needs, they tell you it just “can’t be done.”

We don’t do can’t.

Most everyday functionality (eg, Facebook like button, contact forms) can (and should) be written manually to ensure that your site is blazingly fast and works the way you want and need it to.

We’ve Done It All

We’ve done just about everything – from real-time stock quotes to local weather integration to blog-to-email subscriptions. WordPress is a framework. There is nothing it can’t do if you understand WordPress and its underlying technologies:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL

That’s why agencies and companies across the US (and a few across the ocean) trust New Nine when their WordPress absolutely, positively must be done right.

We Build Custom Themes and Plugins

Our custom WordPress themes and plugins are built with the best practices to help ensure that your site loads quickly, is search engine optimized, and contains as little bloat as possible to minimize conflicts and visitor frustration. This helps ensure that WordPress does what you want it to do so you’re not wrestling your website.

We start from scratch and build your site from the ground up so that it does what you want it to, and is easily managed from the WordPress dashboard.

The result?

I love [the New Nine Adaptive Images plugin] and it works great without any problems.


The Sky Is The Limit

Nearly one in five websites runs on WordPress. And with New Nine, the sky is the limit.

We believe that your content management system should do what you want and need it to do. We build themes and plugins to your specs so that your WordPress doesn’t fight you…it delights you.

Call us at (312) 313 9311 to discuss your project. Or, send us an email below and we’ll get back to you ridiculously quickly.

You won’t be disappointed.