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Strengthen your brand and get into your customers’ networks with strategic social media marketing.

Are you hanging out where your prospective customers are? Are you giving them a reason to promote you?

Our clients use social media for many reasons: to engage customers, generate sales, meet leads, build brand awareness, enhance SEO, manage events, roll out new products, support promotions, listen to customers, and more. The list grows longer every day.

Social media is serious business.

Our Social Media Marketing Approach

Our goal is to make sure that your social media dollars are well spent. Since the possibilities are endless in social media, we will shape an engagement strategy that is reasonable, implementable and sustainable.

Then, we’ll track the metrics to help ensure that the strategy is effective, and tweak it as needed on an ongoing basis.

Why New Nine for Social Media?

Managing the ins and outs of Twitter and Facebook effectively isn’t something you can just jump into anymore. For most, it ends up being an utter waste of time, resources, and money.

Our team jumped in years ago. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t…what is good creative, and what is a waste.

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