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Linking Facebook and Twitter for Easy Management

Follow these simple steps and before you can say “hashtag,” your Facebook updates will automatically post to Twitter.

Many companies struggle with maintaining multiple social media accounts. The general rule of thumb is if you post it here, post it there too. Why not make life just a bit easier by connecting Facebook with Twitter? If you’re not already using social media management software, this is an easy way to keep updates consistent across the two largest social networking platforms.

Step 1: Go to www.facebook.com/twitter. If you’re not already logged in to Facebook, log in when prompted. Facebook will display any and all accounts available to link to Twitter. Determine which account you would like to link and click on “Link to Twitter.” You will be automatically redirected to Twitter.Fb2Tw

Step 2: Sign in to Twitter to authorize the link. You will be automatically redirected back to Facebook.

Step 3: Once back on Facebook, check each item you would like to link to Twitter and save changes.

Step 4: Post it and forget it! Anything you post to your Facebook fan page (or profile if selected) will automatically post to Twitter.Fb2Tw3Don’t forget about the 140 rule!
Although linking the two social media accounts is convenient, remember that Twitter only allows for up to 140 characters in a single post. Therefore, any post over 140 characters will display as partial text and partial link back to the original Facebook post. Same rule applies for images. An image posted on Facebook will not display as a unique image on Twitter, rather as a link back to the original post.


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