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If You’re The Best At What You Do, The Money Will Be There

That’s been our philosophy since we started and it continues to serve us – and our clients – very well

Welcome to the most boring page of any website – the one where the company talks about itself, blah blah blah. We’re going to give you the short-short version and answer a few common questions.

Who Are You?

Though we’ve been at this since 2002, New Nine was officially formed in 2008. As a client, you’ll work directly with our leadership.

We also have a number of unsung heroes who work behind the scenes (i.e., not directly with clients) in both our Chicago and Louisville offices. Whether they’re answering phones, composing unique musical scores, cutting high definition videos, or building WordPress themes and plugins, each is a critical part of ensuring your success.

What Have You Done?

Our team of geniuses have built:

  • plugins and themes that have been downloaded more than 15,000 times
  • native iOS and web apps that turned profits literally on day 1
  • websites that have attracted more than 8 million hits in a single year

And they’re no strangers to making deadlines. A 4:30am Saturday launch for a global telecommunications company? Been there. Done that.

We periodically post project updates on our blog, but that’s just a fraction of our work because many of our projects are done for agencies and we’re not allowed to publish them here. But call us – we’ll tell you all about them (without revealing client names).

So if you really want to know what we can do and how we can help you…

Call us at (312) 313 9311 or send us an email to strike up a friendly conversation.