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Social Media Program Renewed

Resident expert announces second semester offering of Social Media Certificate.

The School of Continuing Education at Triton College (2000 Fifth Avenue, River Grove, Illinois 60171) will extend it’s Social Media Certificate program for a second semester, beginning January 2014. The certificate is designed to provide entrepreneurs, business owners, promoters and organizations with a foundation in the new, evolving world of social media.

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John-Paul Paonessa of New Nine Media will lead the four-course program once again, citing  the certificate program will provide helpful strategies to immediately apply in the workplace and teach participants how to effectively utilize the growing opportunities available through social media marketing.


The Social Media Certificate is a 60-hour program that consists of four 15-hour courses, which may be taken individually: Introduction to Social Media Marketing, Online Presence, Management, and Advertising.

“John-Paul brought a high level of social media, technological and applicable marketing experience to the classroom and kept me engaged and interested despite having come straight from a full day at work. The various levels of the knowledge of students in the class facilitated reciprocal learning and interaction that really added to the experience. Before registering for it I wasn’t sure if this program would be appropriate for me in respect to my familiarity with the subject, but it is now clear that it can benefit people at almost any level and I would recommend it to anyone.”   -Mark C.
Students receive a broad overview of applications such as Google+FacebookTwitterFoursquarePinterestLinkedIn and various professional media tools as they relate to marketing a business or non-profit organization.

“The Social Media Marketing Certificate program taught me practical ways to utilize social media for business and how to manage various social media platforms. Those skills helped me land a new job.”   -Kara M.

Courses are open to the public; however, participates are expected to carry a basic knowledge of social media functions, especially Facebook. The first semester saw students from a variety of backgrounds, including local small businesses, religious organizations, education institutions, law enforcement, healthcare, real estate and more.

“There is so much information it can get overwhelming.  John-Paul took the time to make sure everyone understood before moving onto the next topic.  This was very helpful, because if you don’t understand a particular item it can become very frustrating.  [The instructors] were very helpful not only in helping students gain an understanding of how social media works, but also came up with ideas for people’s businesses.  Almost everyone in the class either had a job or were trying to learn new skills in order to find a job.  I have used some of what I learned in class at my job.  What I have done has been successful.  I wish I could find the time to use more of what I learned.” -Kate B.

In addition, an Introduction to Facebook course will be offered as a 2-hour Saturday session. Register online at www.triton.edu/ce or call the Triton College School of Continuing Education at (708) 456-0300 Ext. 3500. Tuition (In-District) is $103 per course plus applicable fees.

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