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Social Media Policy For Your Customers

Having the ‘right’ to express oneself online is not an excuse for saying stupid things.

Unauthorized or inappropriate posts online can: get a company, or individual, into legal trouble with government agencies, other companies, customers, or the general public; diminish the company’s brand name by creating negative publicity; and even cost a company new revenue.

Utilizing social media marketing involves allowing your customers to do to the marketing for you. Establishing general guidelines for social media usage is as important for external users (customers) as it is for internal users (employees).

Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Customers

  1. Clearly state your purpose.
  2. Establish guidelines and expectations when interacting with other users and the company.
  3. Reference policies created by the social media site.
  4. Encourage users to share responsibly.

Remember! Customers have the ‘right’ to say stupid things. You reserve the ‘right’ to remove content that violates social media guidelines. Do not be afraid to hide, delete, ban, remove, unfollow, and report malicious content or spam.

ban user

Protecting your company’s online identity includes protecting the rights of fans and followers who choose to use social media responsibly.  Read New Nine Media’s social media guidelines for Facebook and Twitter.

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