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Can I Do That in WordPress?

Years ago, a friend worked at a gas station in Addison, IL. He was a young, crazy guy – 19 or so – and loved messing with people. He particularly enjoyed messing with people who asked for directions.

Traveler: “How do I get to [this intersection or place]?”
My Friend: “Oh…you can’t get there from here.”

It never failed – the traveler would leave perplexed and my friend would laugh at his own sick humor. After all, how can you not get there from here? No matter where you want to go, there is a way to get there!

The same is true with WordPress – you can always get there from here.

It’s a Framework, Stupid!

I know – we’re not supposed to insult you, but it’s the only way to get through to some of the hardcore, yet misguided, Drupal/Joomla/etc loyalists. The simple fact is that all of these CMS systems – WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla – are nothing more than PHP files that talk to MySQL databases. Each has a different table structure, list of core functions, and file structure, but at the end of the day…

they are nothing more than PHP files and MySQL databases!

So can you get there from here in WordPress? Absolutely! The same way you get there from here in Joomla or Drupal – by digging in, getting your hands dirty, and writing some code.

In the end, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are merely frameworks that give you the ability to:

  • quickly get a generic website up and running
  • add functionality through plugins or modules with minimal or no coding
  • easily add, edit, and remove content, pages, and blog posts

WordPress Is All Grown Up

Many old blogs and websites – as well as some old, stubborn programmers – will try to convince you that WordPress is just a blogging tool. While that may have been true in years past, WordPress has truly grown up in the past few years and is now a fully capable content management system.

Out of the box, WordPress can do a lot of amazing things. With a carefully built custom theme, WordPress can accommodate 90% of business website needs. But can it do more? Absolutely!

With some careful thought, planning, and programming, you can make WordPress do anything that Drupal, Joomla, or even a custom built site can do. Real time stock quotes? You bet! Restaurant menus? Video blogs? News and press releases? Yep! Multiple contact forms, surveys, and sign-up forms? No problem!

And the best part about WordPress? It has the best, easiest to use back-end so that you spend less time wrestling with your website and more time focusing on your business. If you can use Microsoft Word and email, you can use WordPress!

Take a Second Look

If you looked at WordPress a few years ago, or are basing your opinion solely on what you’ve read on older websites, you should definitely take another look at WordPress.

Like we said – with today’s WordPress, you can definitely get there from here.

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