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Bad Twitter Apps Causing Spam

If you’re on Twitter, there is a good chance you’ve received a DM (direct message) that read something like this: “I can’t believe you did this at the party!” followed by a link to a “video”.

The responsible follower that you are, you probably responded and informed that person that his/her account was hacked. Well done. If you simply ignored the message and allowed that account to continue sending bad DMs, well maybe after reading this you’ll know just how to respond.

Take Back Your Account! [security tips]

Our first reaction is that the account sending the out-of-character DM was hacked. In reality, the sender more than likely authorized a corrupt application. When we log in to external sites or share online articles using our Twitter account, we are authorizing that third-party application to access our account.

pinterest twitter app

It’s important to read and understand the fine print before authorizing. This is an opportunity for some no-so-friendly apps to send DM spam.

The example above clearly states that Pinterest will not be able to access your direct messages and see your Twitter password.

Let the spammer know!
The person who sent the DMs should access his/her Twitter settings >> apps and REVOKE any applications they do not know, trust, or use.

twitter apps

It may also be a good idea to change the Twitter password.

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